A significant number of strictly selected products for indoor and outdoor use compose, where appropriate, optimal solutions and are categorized according to the application sector, as follows:

Tables, chairs, armchairs, stools for indoor and outdoor use, in a wide range of designs and combined materials (such as wood, metal, fabric, aluminum, inox, polypropylene, rattan, teak, etc.).

Complete range of products for working and management offices, with complementary elements, accessories and design for flexible development in space, office desks and seats, waiting areas furniture and partitions / acoustic panels.

Room and suite equipment, public indoor and outdoor areas, restaurant – cafeteria – bar, reception.

Theatre, Amphitheatre, Cinema seats (armchairs in series with reclining seat, anatomical overalls, upholstery of special specifications, provision for air conditioning and lectern, etc.), Conference seats with or without a lectern, provision for posting on a bar, desks with special mechanisms and design, reclining seats.

Especially manufactured products for resistance in outdoor areas and public use (sidewalks, parks, squares, marinas, etc.), such as lighting fixtures of various sizes and use, benches, waste baskets, pillars, flower boxes, spouts, bicycle parking, boat mooring bases, etc.


Changing rooms, Lockers, cabins, benches with hangers, dividers, stadium seats, etc., made with durable materials such as bakelite, inox, PVC, etc.

Furniture designed for waiting areas, modular seats, wardrobes, Lockers.

Complete range of workspace equipment with complementary elements, accessories and design for flexible space development, complete series of acoustic panels (table panels, ceiling and wall), lamps (hanging, floor and table), dividers stands , coat hangers, garbage cans and a series of special children’s furniture / toys adapted for use in kindergartens.