About us

Forum Design Collection is an established company, situated centrally in Athens, actively and exclusively involved in indoor/outdoor contract furnishing in the public and private sectors, in close collaboration with architects, interior designers and end-users, (including offices , conference rooms, hotels, hospitals, airports, restaurants, ships, cinema, catering companies etc), with products of high quality, aesthetic and technical specifications.

Driven by many years of experience and the highest level of technical training, it is able to effectively meet the needs of the modern professional field, with proposals and applications of high requirements and standards.

In collaboration with well-known European Companies, it consistently serves, through a wide range of products, as indicatively presented on this site, projects and services.


  1. Cafe, Bar, Restaurant
  2. Workplaces – Office furniture
  3. Hotel equipment – Casino – Ships
  4. Conference – Theatres – Cinemas
  5. Urban furniture
  6. Sports equipment
  7. Hospitals – Medical centers (Hotel furniture)
  8. AccessoriesAcoustic PanelsLights